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10 Signs Of A Mature Guy/Lady

10 Signs Of A Mature Guy/Lady


1. He/she is able to delay reward/gratification.
2. He/she is able to manage/process personal feelings (anger, lust, crush).
3. He/she is able to understand and speak with wisdom.
4. He/she is able to show generosity towards another individual.
5. He/she is able to assert personal stance, without robbing people of their own rights.
6. He/she is able to work and get result with difficult people.
7. He/she is able to make up his/her own mind (not displaying helplessness during decision making).
8. He/she is able to keep promises even when it is not convenient.
9. He/she derives self-esteem from personal identity (which comes from God and personal values) not people’s opinion.
10. He/she is able to forgive without malice nor ‘punishing’ the offender.

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