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10 Signs Of A Wrong Relationship

10 Signs Of A Wrong Relationship


1. Does not have a defined focus or purpose.
2. Your spouse-to-be is taking too long to introduce you to close friends and family members.
3. Your spouse-to-be does not add value to your life.
4. Your spouse-to-be does not consider you or your opinion valuable.
5. Your spouse-to-be keeps friends who indulge in harmful/criminal lifestyle.
6. Your spouse-to-be does not work on developing him/herself (communication, career, appearance, competence).
7. Your spouse-to-be does not submit to spiritual or physical authority.
8. Your spouse-to-be does not treat subordinates, parents or siblings with respect.
9. There is no fixed time for marriage.
10. Your spouse-to-be is neither teachable nor open to new ways of doing things

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