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Bridging The Gap Between where You Are and Your Future!

Bridging The Gap Between where You Are and Your Future!

In every boy child is a gentleman, in every girl child is a lady, the difference is growth and maturity and this requires a deliberate use of time. In the same way, your vision is like your future self. However, its materialisation is not automatic. There are many visionary people who live in frustration, feeling stuck, captured by their own imagination of a better future and unable to make the connection between where they are and where they want to be.

The reality is that the ‘version of you’ in that vision is many times bigger and better than the ‘version of you’ today. This was captured by Dr. David Oyedepo thus, “Life is in phases and men are in sizes”, hence you must grow to match the ‘version of you’ in the vision. To put it practically, as a single man, if you see yourself as the husband of a world class celebrity, the father of three children, travelling the world, but right now, you cannot even afford to travel within your country, what do you do? You need to ask yourself, who do I need to become to lead such a sophisticated wife? Who do I need to become to parent such privileged and exposed children? How should I be thinking? What should I be doing? Who is doing something similar that I can learn from?

These questions and more, depending on your peculiar situation, would reveal the gap between where you are and where you need to be and hopefully, what you need to do to become that ‘version of you’.

THINK & ACT: Take action on the steps above today to realise your earnest desires.


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