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Can My Family Name Be As Popular As T.M. Lewin?

Can My Family Name Be As Popular As T.M. Lewin?

Yesterday, we talked about building a great family name through integrity. Today, we shall be focusing on building a great family name through your skills. Evidence shows that exceptionally skilled people, those who occupy the top 1% in any industry or sphere of influence command premium rewards. Take a look at media, entertainment, sports, business, etc., 80% of resources flow to these top performers. Beyond this, they set the pace, define the trend and influence the rules; they are thought leaders. Thus, the question is, where does your family belong? What problem is your family solving for your community and the world? Gone are the days of just building a career or doing your work like a ‘hobby’. With social media, you can serve customers in different parts of the world. When we run seminars, we have people from Africa, Europe, United States, etc., all logged in at the same time.

Determine what problem(s) your family can solve and build a formidable brand name. Consider families like Johnson and Johnson, T. M Lewis, Unilevers, etc., these were started by visionary people who have been able to build a legacy and a sense of history, while excellently serving the world and building family wealth. It’s not enough to boast in your capability to afford top brands, you must be producing one as well. You can earn foreign currency for your family right from the comfort of your home by meeting needs. Start where you are and with what you have because what you have is enough to step out.

Are you an excellent person? Do you deliver value with tenacious quality? Share with us what you plan to do in order to build a strong family brand!

THINK & ACT: Take a look at what you do well and naturally, can you create a service out of it?


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