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Connecting With Her Heart! Jay’s Story

Connecting With Her Heart! Jay’s Story

I have always been a shy guy, but for some reason, I keep attracting top and influential contacts into my network. My wife often asks how I do it. Well, besides being nice and polite to people, I often ensure that I build ‘narrow and deep relationships’. I know that I can only manage a few relationships, so I make sure that whichever one I select is effectively nurtured. In other words, I rarely make friends, but when I do, I connect intimately. Presently, I have a few friends with whom I have been friends for almost 20years, we watch out for each other, keep in touch and when we are unable to, due to other commitments, we often strike up conversations as though there was never a gap in the relationship.

Hence, to a large extent, I have brought this mindset into my marriage. I do my best to build deep and meaningful relationship and interactions with my spouse. This takes our marital romance to the next level, connecting our hearts in new and exciting ways. As a matter of fact, we have a ‘Romance Development Plan’, thanks to Victor Akunna; this helps us analyse where we are in our relationship, the recurring issues, how we have been solving them, where we want to go from here?,etc. This has transformed our marriage a great deal, this way, no matter how long it takes, we both can finally be on the ‘same page’.

Where are you in your marriage? How do you feel about your spouse…resentful, peaceful, optimistic? Is this based on current issues or general issues? What are you willing to do to connect with your spouse’s heart like never before?

THINK & ACT: Set a special time with your spouse to discuss these issues and reach an agreement on the next step to take.

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