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Culture is denying me Marriage!

Culture is denying me Marriage!

Culture is denying me Marriage!

In a Vblog I saw sometime ago, the presenter mentioned that it is only when a woman is married that she is accorded some dignity in the society. I think this is erroneous and stereotypical. Such mindset has driven many promising young ladies into ‘hooking up’ with lazy men who enter their lives to abuse and squander their productive effort. I understand that culture plays a major role in these things, but culture is a manmade system, with some practices based on ignorance and selfishness.

There are many ladies who are in stable relationships, ready to get married, but because neither they nor their fiancés can afford the cultural requirements attached to getting married, they remain unmarried. When culture becomes a stumbling block to the progress of the next generation, we have to review its relevance. Every generation must be an improvement of the previous one, if they are to survive extinction.

Culture is good; it can be a tool for regulating and protecting a society from anarchy, but it was made for man and not man for it. It is a shame that young men are impregnating their fiancées as a way of avoiding the throat-cutting bills associated with weddings. It is a shame that marriage, which is a thing of joy, sometimes causes anxiety and pain. It is a shame that selfishness and rigidity have been allowed to brew rebellion, forcing many people into making poor and ungodly decisions.

ACTION POINT: If you are in a position of authority, leverage on it to review negative cultural practices. As a single person, in a bid to escape negative cultural practices, do not build your marriage on a poor foundation by cutting corners. Righteousness exalts people.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
Relationship Catalysts
Connected Hearts Daily Devotional (C) 2015

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