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Freedom To Be You!

Freedom To Be You!

One of the greatest things that has ever happened to me is understanding myself. As a little child, I remember doing my best to fit into the common behaviour in my locality just to have a sense of belonging, I desired this so much that I consciously let go of my individuality. My behaviour and sense of identity came from my friends and my external environment. In as much as that helped in some ways as I began to choose better friends, my true transformation began when I discovered and began to walk in my purpose. This freed me from the burden of comparisons, losing my identity and individuality. There are aspects of ourselves we can’t discover and walk in while we are in the crowd. Self discovery is often a solitary journey.

Knowing my purpose and crafting a vision helped me align myself to God’s plans for my life, eliminating the internal turmoil I felt for years while trying to be like everyone else, but myself. There is no experience like inner peace, knowing and accepting who you are because this is the only way to permit others to be themselves. Sometimes, I see people who do their best to control and micromanage everything and everyone around them, thinking that would bring them peace and happiness, only to find out that they lose friends faster than they meet them. Socrates’ words centuries ago is still relevant today, “man know thyself”. Knowing and nurturing yourself as a single person would help you identify the most suitable spouse. As a married person, knowing who you are is a sure way to be the best spouse you can be.

Do you feel that you have become someone else in order to please everyone, but the God who made you? Are you robbing your family and friends of the value you were designed to contribute? What is your legacy?
THINK & ACT: Take some days off to spend some time alone with God, armed with the right questions…. Who am I? What grieves me? What problem do I notice easily? What can’t I stand? What value do I bring into people’s lives? Where is my heart and interest? What is my personality? You can also contact a coach to help you on this journey. To have the relationship and marriage you want, you must be a better version of you. Stay connected!

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