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Girls’ Time Out: If only they knew…

Girls’ Time Out: If only they knew…

Often times, women complain that men don’t get it. They don’t understand what it feels like to be a woman; what it takes to satisfy or make her feel secure and happy. We have decided to put together a panel of women to give us insight into the hearts of women.

Betty: One important thing I have observed is that as people, we are often influenced by our beliefs, perspectives, the media and our culture, all of which change and evolve over time. Hence, who a woman is perceived to be changes from time to time.

Ruby: That’s very true. The day I realised that, I stopped seeking empowerment from my environment. Empowerment or freedom is not entirely what people can give you. You become truly liberated when you know your identity; who God, your creator, has designed you to be, which will never change. If your husband does not understand this, he will helplessly have to look for a category to fit you into. A category that will help him make sense of who you are as a woman, which unfortunately, may be an outdated culture. Value and relevance flow from understanding, accepting and celebrating your difference.

Gemma: Are we not being too philosophical, lol? Well, I understand your points. However, I believe that as women, we must help our husbands understand us, especially when you see that they are making the effort.

Chidi: I guess we will have a wonderful time with you all. The summary of the inputs today is that there is always more to be learnt, irrespective of your years in marriage. Just like D. L Moody said “it is what we learn after we know it all that counts”.

ACTION POINT: What is your attitude towards your wife’s uniqueness? Are you trying to make her act like a man?

Culled from our Connected Hearts Daily Devotional

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