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Happy Wedding Anniversary! By Victor Akunna

Happy Wedding Anniversary! By Victor Akunna

“Happy Wedding Anniversary!”, people wished the fantastic couple. It was a mini-party of close friends, siblings and their children. It was an awesome place to be; the ambience, the music and the food were royal. However, beyond that, the energy was positive and supercharged with people who were really happy for them.

These days, celebrating 25 years with the same spouse is increasingly rare, not to talk of having a marriage that radiates friendship, love and Intimacy; a marriage that has been a beacon, a voice or a staff for straying couples.

As people took turns to share their experiences with the couple, I drew a lesson I would like to share with you. The love that sustains a marriage for that long is beyond emotions, it is that love that is grounded in a firm decision to love when you don’t feel like it. It is not just about loving when it is convenient, when the sun is shining over your marriage, but also loving during sunsets, snows, rains, and thunderstorms.

This is what we mean when we say “I love you”, it means that I will love you when it’s easy-hard-come-Rain-come-shine-come-Winter-come-Summer. I WILL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT.

True love is not for fair weather spouses.

Victor Akunna
Romance and Intimacy Catalyst

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