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How It Changed My Life!

How It Changed My Life!

Wow! It’s coming again, I thought, as a feeling of despair and frustration rose through my exhausted body. It’s coming again, it always comes without fail, slowly but surely. Yes, the end of the year always comes and it always meets me almost at the same spot. While others were rejoicing, caught up in the euphoria of the season, celebrating another end of the year, I sat in my darkroom and all I could hear was the sound of fireworks, jubilation and my heart-beat. I gradually dragged myself out of bed to prepare for my routine end-of-the-year watch-night service. As I walked down, I ran through the year in my mind and how fast it went, it’s amazing these days how hours turn into days and months and years. All I could do was feel sorry for myself, the emotions were too much to handle. I felt that life and everyone, but me, was moving on. That feeling of being left behind was so raw that I didn’t realise that it reflected on my face. It took someone asking me, “what is the matter” to wake me up.

This was over a decade ago, many things have happened, many things have changed and I will share a few at different times. Today, God has completely transformed my life, such that comparing my life then and now would be like comparing night and day. However, this didn’t happen until I changed a few things about myself. First was my attitude towards giving value – service. Before then, I had a sense of entitlement, I thought that my parents, my country and life owed me. What I did not realise was that wealth, relationships, fulfilment, meaning and most of the things people seek are all tied to service. Zig Ziglar, one of the best motivational speakers ever, captured it thus, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”. This was corroborated by Dr. Mike Murdock when he said, that “money is a reward for solving a problem”.

Are you sitting on your talent, waiting for things to be perfect before you move? Are you more interested in being served than serving?

Be A Better Version of You, Be Awesome Today!

THINK & ACT: Life gives you what you earn, to have more, you must be more and do more. If you need someone to help you get more out of life as you transform your life, relationships and marriage, contact me directly.

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