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How Things Changed For The Worse!

How Things Changed For The Worse!


They met during their university days through a mutual friend. Jane had just enrolled to study midwifery; it had always been her passion since she was a teenager, so having the opportunity to study her dream course brought her so much pleasure. James, on the other hand, was a final year medical student, hence, they had many things to talk about and their friendship grew quickly. Within two years, they were married and their lives began.

They were extremely busy; having to look after their new baby, pay for their mortgage, were committed in different charities and their jobs often took them outside the city where they lived.

After having their second child, something seemed to snap. They started having unresolved conflict that would go on for days and every attempt to amend things seemed to create more pain. They went for counselling, but it didn’t work out. They have practically given up.

Right now, they live in the same house, but do not talk to each other. They communicate through their children or notes.


What do you think are the possible causes of such situation? How do couples get to this point?

What are the possible solutions?


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