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I Am Sick Of This Marriage!

I Am Sick Of This Marriage!

Gratitude is the mindset of abundance. This is why truly grateful people rarely perceive lack. I have learnt the habit of writing down what I am grateful for each day. Sometimes, I forget to do it, but anytime I get around to doing it, I observe that it shifts my focus and meditations to positive results and strengths. It seems simple, but the impact is powerful. Hence, this week we want to encourage that you consider documenting what you are grateful for as well. It is amazing how we can unconsciously allow negative thoughts to suck positive and creative energy out of us.

From our experience in working with couples from different backgrounds, regions and continents, we have observed that when couples do not manage the usual daily frictions that often come up at different times, there is a tendency to begin to focus on each other’s weaknesses and mistakes. Hence, unconsciously, we begin to procrastinate on enjoying our spouses the way they are.

Is romance practically dead in your marriage? Are you at that point where you can be in the same space with your spouse, but negative emotions keep ruining the fun? Are you waiting for your spouse to change a particular behaviour before loving him/her?

THINK & ACT: Make up your mind to begin a gratitude journey this morning. Get a small book and begin to document daily at least one thing that you are grateful for in your marriage. After writing one for each day, take some time to meditate, saying it loud, if possible before your mirror, until you feel truly grateful. This may feel awkward at the beginning, but keep at it and watch how your life and marriage will begin to change.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
Relationship Catalysts
Connected Hearts Daily Devotional (C) 2016
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…enjoy blissful romance.

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