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When Keeping Secrets Hurts!

When Keeping Secrets Hurts!

We have been discussing different tips on how to re-engineer your marital romance.
We shall be wrapping it up today by considering one more point. The reality of life is that the busier we get, the more we must choose what to give attention to. This may sound commonsensical, but violating this principle has cost many lives. I will explain, sometime ago, it was reported in the media that a plane crashed because it moved miles away from its predetermined route. It eventually crashed with everyone on board losing their lives. They didn’t plan to die that day, some of them wanted to arrive quickly, finish their transactions and go home to their families.

This principle applies to other aspects of life, career, business, etc. If you don’t choose the right priorities, in the next 5 years, you may find yourself in the most unlikely place. “Don’t watch life drag you on, give it direction” Dr. David Oyedepo.

TIP 5: Make Romance A Priority: Successful couples are deliberate and proactive. There is a tendency to push your marriage, relationships, social connections to the background in your pursuit to make ends meet, but the impact can be dramatic. Let’s focus on your marriage. Whenever you choose another relationship over your marriage, you begin the process of growing apart. Sometimes, people say in a discussion, “my wife does not even know this”, “I don’t want my husband to know I am doing this”, … Of course, every situation is different, but generally, when someone who is not your spouse knows more about your life, activities, choices, desires than your spouse, you may be growing apart. You need to consider ways to bridge that GAP before it gets bigger.

Back to romance, this is one way to bridge the gap. It’s about the little things we do daily in the pursuit of our spouses’ hearts, attention and happiness. Romance is a tool for proactively building intimacy, don’t leave it to chance.

When was the last time you made a sacrifice for your spouse? When was the last time you bonded with your spouse at a deep emotional level. Can you put off the gadgets for 1 hour to have a meaningful conversation undistracted?


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