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Lessons from Hollywood marriages!

Lessons from Hollywood marriages!

Sometime ago, I saw an interview on one of the leading TV networks of a fan of Marilyn Monroe. He adored her so much that he spent a fortune acquiring her pictures, clothes, statutes, framed autographed keepsakes, etc. As a matter of fact, his shirts had her face printed on them. Besides his devotion, another thing that caught my attention was that he expressed his wish to marry her if she was alive.

As we all know, Hollywood is made up of a large number of celebrities (a word that was coined from the word celebrated). These are individuals who have been able to do what many people dreamed about; break through barriers and limitations to a hive of the impossible. However, in our bid to love and celebrate them, we turn some of them into mini deities. Hence, when some people watch their favourite celebrities representing or projecting wrong values, especially as regards marriage, they sometimes don’t question them.

Hollywood is make-belief; there are lovely concepts and morals being projected through it, just as there are wrong ones. Join us tomorrow as we examine why some Hollywood marriages fail and how to protect yours from the same situation.

ACTION POINT: When watching movies with your family, ensure your critical mind is turned on.

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