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Letting Go Is Not Fun At All!

Letting Go Is Not Fun At All!

‘Empty nest’ is an experience that often comes with mixed feelings, some parents look forward to it, but others don’t for different reasons. I remember listening to President Barack Obama describing the raw emotions he felt when his first daughter, Malia, started preparing for college, the feeling was so intense that he was tearing up. This brings to the fore our topic for today – Dating Your Parents. Parents who are close to their children often feel like they are losing them to a new ‘rival’ as they prepare to relocate, get into University, get married,… This is why it is important for us to help them plan that transition smoothly. You may say that they lived their own lives, it’s now your turn, you may even say that you don’t get along with them, they are too controlling, etc., but where there is a will, there is a way.

“Honour thy father and mother” Ephesians 6:2. Dating your parents is about honouring them with your presence, honouring their great work in you, honouring their legacy and not judging or blaming them for the mistakes they made. We are all work in progress. Someone may say, it is physically challenging to visit at the moment, more so, they are not into the dating thing, going out together, etc. The main focus here is to set aside time to do what works; regular phone calls, monthly salary, regular gifts, occasional get-together, etc. You may say, we are so different, we have nothing in common, what do I discuss? Ask what went through their minds the first time they met each other, what they would do differently if they were to start all over again, ask about their fears, hopes for their children and grandchildren, ask what they learnt about themselves, etc. Build rapport and gradually take the discussion to a deep and intimate level.

THINK & ACT: Don’t wait for perfect times, start now, while they are here.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
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…enjoy blissful romance.

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