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When Love Is Masked In Frustration

When Love Is Masked In Frustration

When Love is Masked in Frustration!

Have you ever met an old colleague after many years and then realise that he has not made much progress? His language, attitude and world view are still relatively the same, but in order not to offend him or appear condescending, you may not really speak up to correct a few wrong philosophies because he seems to be more interested in defending his beliefs than learning new things. There are many reasons for this type of stagnation, but for the sake of our discussion this morning, we would be focusing on hope. According to the Oxford dictionary, hope is “feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”. Hope is good, hope is great, but hope is not a strategy. Hope can’t replace vision and calculated action.

True transformation must begin with a clear vision of the outcome, then you begin to make the right plan, while taking actions. I know this sounds mundane and commonsensical, but it is amazing how we often carry out actions that are at variance with the outcome we earnestly desire. For instance, a parent wants her child to excel at a particular subject and to achieve this, she insults, disciplines and calls him/her names, rather than putting in place a plan to support the child. Her actions are at variance with her desire. Her love is masked in frustration.

Is your family trying to get out of debt? Are you trying to improve your marital romance? Are you growing to the size of your vision? Hope is great, but it won’t replace the change in attitude, mental transformation, the plans and consistent actions you have to take to get to your destination. Vision without action equals frustration.

THINK & ACT: Take a particular vision you have and ask yourself a few questions, what action am I taking to accomplish this? Would they get me there? Why or why not?


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