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My forgiveness Story by Chelsea

My forgiveness Story by Chelsea

_DSC4236Forgiving myself and others has been so rewarding. I was abused as a little girl by my uncle. He was my favourite uncle, a frequent visitor and my parents trusted him. In fact, they trusted him so much that they never believed me whenever I reported him. I later lost it, I hated my mum, school and the world. I will be sharing a part of my story on how I overcame hurt.

Victor: Thank you for joining us. Tell us, how is your relationship with your mum now?

Chelsea: Well, it’s getting better. It has really improved and we are consciously working on it. Right now, we meet monthly to do different things we both enjoy, it’s been over 20years since the incident.

Victor: What would you have wished your mum did differently?

Chelsea: Hmmm, I would have expected her to investigate my complaints. They said I had issues with lies then, but for a young girl to make such allegations, it should have been looked into.

Victor: What prompted your decision to forgive?

Chelsea: I read an article sent to me by a Doctor friend of mine, pointing out numerous positive impact of forgiveness. For example, healthier relationships, reduced level of anxiety, reduced blood pressure, better immune system, improved heart, better spiritual and psychological well-being and attitude, etc. I realised that I was ‘killing’ myself by holding on to grudge for so long. I feel better today, unforgiveness is actually a mental and emotional prison. Today, I am in a relationship which is steadily becoming serious, I could not have been in one 2years ago.

Victor: This is a moving story. Forgiveness is actually a gift we give ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

THINK & ACT: Tackle unforgiveness early before it becomes an overpowering emotion, ruling and ruining your happiness. Life is sweet for the happy.

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Comments (2)

  • fola Reply

    May God grant us wisdom to deal with issues around us. What a touching story. As a mother we are not perfect but God will help us all. What actually become of the abusive uncle? Did her mum got to know she was saying the truth later?

    January 20, 2016 at 6:11 am
  • Anonymous Reply

    Lesson learnt: Unforgiveness clogs your life and prevents you from enjoying the goodies in relationships. You sit there getting bitter and feeling sorry for yourself, that you don’t realise it makes you less attractive, hence warding off suitors. Marrying a bitter person is like signing up for a lifetime of bitterness.

    January 20, 2016 at 9:30 am

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