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My Mother Planted a Seed of Discord- Nathan’s Story

My Mother Planted a Seed of Discord- Nathan’s Story

Today, we shall be bringing you Nathan’s story, it’s a story we hope would challenge you as a parent to redefine your parenting philosophy and style.

Victor: Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Nathan: Thanks for the opportunity. I grew up with 2 siblings, we used to be very close when we were much younger. It is amazing what can change within a few years. We all seem disconnected, living our separate lives, rarely keeping in touch, and when we do, there is so much suspicion, envy and competition among us that our talks are often shallow, with little substance.

Victor: Why do you think this is the case?

Nathan: Hmm… Well, I would say many factors, but above all, the seed of this behaviour was sown by my mother. The reason is because of her preferential treatment for whoever brings her stuff. I remember one time I went visiting, she took her time to show me what my younger brother bought for her, in the process, pouring eulogies and making spiteful comments. I remember feeling like a failure because at the time, I was still studying so needed all the support I could get. Comparison is an effective killer of intimacy among siblings. Today, everyone is unconsciously working hard to ‘outperform’ the other and I think my mother seems to be enjoying the ride. It’s so unfortunate to say the least.

Victor: This a touching story. I think sometimes, as parents, we are unaware of the far-reaching impact of our attitudes and parenting philosophy.

THINK & ACT: As parents, we must grow in our capacity to love our children unconditionally, rather than seeing them as a tool to meet our desires.

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…enjoy blissful romance.

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