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Next Level!

Next Level!

Sometime ago, I was facilitating a team-bonding training for senior managers of a certain company and one of the activities required being blindfolded and relying on someone else to guide them through the maze. Some people found this more challenging than others.

I always find the activity intriguing because it is a metaphor for life. It emphasises the fact that without our capacity to see effectively, we would inevitably have to rely on people to guide us; the alternative would be to travel only to familiar places.

Beyond just ‘seeing’, vision is the ability to see things the way they could be. To make it practical, as a single lady, vision helps you see yourself in your matrimonial home, having a conversation with your husband and children. As a man, vision helps you see yourself in your new job, leading your team. As a family, vision helps you see everyone the way they could be. Vision is futuristic, but it must be clear, articulate and precise. “Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific” – Sam Adeyemi.

Having said that, statistics show that very few people document and revisit their vision. Personally, I have discovered that because of the myriads of things I have to get done daily, there is a tendency to find myself drifting from the core of my vision. This implies that one may be caught in needless activities, being busy without being productive. This is why I disagree with the generally accepted saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, it is rather a step in the right direction.

Do you have your vision documented? Do you revisit it often? Have you abandoned your vision to copy that of others?

THINK & ACT: We cannot arrive at a destination we have not seen in our hearts. Your vision is your future. Take some time out with a pen and paper – preferably in a place that is void of distractions – meticulously document what you would like to see in the next 1 year in as much detail as possible.

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