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Purpose-Driven Parent: How To Raise Talented Children!

Purpose-Driven Parent: How To Raise Talented Children!

We pointed out in one of our devotionals that parenting must be deliberate to be effective. This morning, we would be taking it one step further by pointing out that parenting must be proactive, not reactive. The fact is that parenting skill is one that we learn throughout our life-time, we must keep fine-tuning and improving. What is Proactive Parenting? What makes one parent effective and leaves another swimming in an ocean of confusion? According to Kouzes and Posner, “forward thinking” is one of the most desired traits people want to see in leaders, second only to honesty. Parenting is leadership. It is leading another individual through life. Hence, as parents, we must be able to think 9, 29, 39 years ahead, what type of an adult do I want to raise? What is his/her purpose, talent and potential? How would they benefit the world? What skill, training, character traits would he/she need to excel? Being proactive would prepare and position you and your children to take advantage of opportunities. It would make you a purpose-driven parent.

Having said that, this implies that to be effective and purposeful, we must also grow and stretch, considering the fact that parenting is also coaching and modelling. We must begin with the end in mind, a vision which we must REGULARLY communicate to our children, to help them understand and appreciate why they are different, why you do what you do, why their destination is important, how their purpose would impact others and themselves, etc. A purpose-driven child is a delight to parents, there are many teenage and moral issues that you may not have to deal with. Vision is one of the most effective self-discipline tools our children can adopt.

Think ahead, be proactive, make plans and begin the process of implementation. You may need a parenting coach to help you work out a plan.


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