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FFA is a unique organisation designed mainly for the purpose of connecting hearts and strengthening families. We hope to use this medium to provide a platform where people can have access to practical advice and resources tailored to relationships, marriages and families. It is about you leaving better than you were each time you visit this blog.

Our vision: Raising model couples across the globe!

Our Values: God-first|Unconditional love| Excellence

Our Programs: 

  • ‘Lite the fire’ workshop: Dissecting love and respect; Identifying the language of love; Why couples disagree; When marriage hurts; Long distance marriage; The real needs of a woman/man.
  • Romance Makeover Uncensored (Talk show): What makes a man/woman feel loved? Power of positive communication; Dissecting love and respect; Why couples grow apart; How to strengthen marital romance.
  • Romance Masterclass Coaching Program: Recreating marital romance; Moving from ‘roommates’ to Soul-mates; Strengthening marital bond.
  • Connected Hearts Daily Devotional: Daily plan to better relationships and marriage; Great tool for marriage counselling, small groups discussion and couples’ retreat.
  • Heart2Heart with Singles: Identifying Mr. & Mrs. Right; Avoiding common pitfalls singles make; Laying a lasting marital foundation; Preparing to meet your in-laws to be; Getting ready for the wedding day.
  • Couples’ Retreat …the escape of a life time: Outdoor games; Treasure hunt; Activities; Talk show; Q&A; Workshop.

Our Target is to:

Help you develop exceptional relationship skills;

Help you make wise relationship decisions;

Help you maximize the potential in your relationships;

Raise an army of successful marriages to influence others.

Our Target Audience:

Single Ladies and Gentlemen who want to make the right choice and those who want to prepare for the best marital experience ever.

Married couples who want to spice up the romance in their marriage while building and strengthening their families.

Categories of membership: Those who want to share their wealth of experience with others and those who are seeking answers to the relationship questions in their lives.

To Engage Us, Please visit our Reach Us page.

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