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According to Dr. Myles Munroe, “Singlehood is the most important phase before marriage”. This is because who we are at this phase is what we bring into the marriage. In other words, if you are an unhappy and grumpy individual, you can’t expect to be happy in marriage because that is the atmosphere you will take with you into marriage.

“Marriage is brutal on selfish people” |Jimmy Evans

Ideally, marriage is a situation where two whole and independent individuals, armed with vivid vision, identity and resources, come together to form a new and interdependent relationship, bound by a covenant. Marriage should be entered into with a deliberate desire and passion to add value to your spouse. Doing otherwise is to be parasitic and selfish. Are you focused on what you want rather than thinking of the value you will add? If you get married to someone with the same attitude and mindset as yours, will you be happy? Is your reason for getting married focused on yourself (me, myself and I syndrome)?

The strength of any foundation determines the height of the building. Singlehood is like the foundation of any marriage, what you put into it determines your marital experience. Every individual is a ‘magnet’, we attract people with similar worldviews and attitude. You must become the type of man/woman people want to marry; remember that precious and rare gems are expensive because of high demands.

ACTION POINT: Beyond an awesome appearance, build an attractive personality and character because that is what your spouse will experience daily.

Culled from our Connected Hearts Daily Devotional 2.0 (C) 2015

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