Who We Are

FFA is a unique organisation designed mainly for the purpose of connecting hearts and strengthening families. We hope to use this medium to provide a platform where people can have access to practical advice and resources tailored to relationships, marriages and families.

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  • ‘Lite the fire’ workshop: Dissecting love and respect; Identifying the language of love; Why couples disagree; When marriage hurts; Long distance marriage; The real needs of a woman/man.
  • Romance Makeover Uncensored (Talk show): What makes a man/woman feel loved? Power of positive communication; Dissecting love and respect; Why couples grow apart; How to strengthen marital romance.
  • Romance Masterclass Coaching Program: Recreating marital romance; Moving from 'roommates' to Soul-mates; Strengthening marital bond.
  • Connected Hearts Daily Devotional: Daily plan to better relationships and marriage; Great tool for marriage counselling, small groups discussion and couples' retreat.
  • Heart2Heart with Singles: Identifying Mr. & Mrs. Right; Avoiding common pitfalls singles make; Laying a lasting marital foundation; Preparing to meet your in-laws to be; Getting ready for the wedding day.
  • Couples' Retreat ...the escape of a life time: Outdoor games; Treasure hunt; Activities; Talk show; Q&A; Workshop.