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Deliberate Parenting! – Chidi Akunna

I was privileged to be in the midst of a group of 25 adolescents. The short time I spent with them left me so shaken, with many questions on my mind. When asked what category they fall under, 5 of them affirmed to be theists (3 among the 5 said they are Christians, 1 a Sikh and 1 a Muslim),…

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The Great Escape 3 By Victor Akunna

When Lucy approached me, she asked if I was having a great time? I couldn’t shake my head or say anything because the man who came with her was standing over me, encroaching on my personal space. All I could do was to ask her for my mobile phone to call home.

“Oh, that has been taken care of, your mum…

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The Great Escape 2 by Victor Akunna

When I got there, I saw some boys dancing and chatting, while others were playing video games.

The music was deafening!

I also noticed grown men sitting at a mini bar around a corner, just by the kitchen.

The house was massive, tastefully decorated with amazing leather furniture, lighting effects and state of the art electronics.

The walls had little gadgets for recognising voice…

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The great Escape! by Victor Akunna

They never attended parents-teachers meeting.

They never came to watch my games nor poem citations.

They were never emotionally present when we ‘spend’ time together.

There was always something more important- a phone call, Facebook, a meeting, a friend, fellowship etc.

Everything else made their To-do list but me.

I got the leftovers and even the leftovers were seasoned with emotional outbursts.

I tried several times…

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Parenting is teamwork by Chidi & Victor Akunna

Thank you for the feedback and for helping to rebroadcast the devotional, we truly appreciate your contribution to this vision. Today, we shall be wrapping up our series on “Parenting Dynamics”. Our mission for this series is to see more connected and engaged parents raising talented and exceptional children.

Parenting is teamwork, we need support to achieve the best results. We…

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