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The Great Escape 2 by Victor Akunna

When I got there, I saw some boys dancing and chatting, while others were playing video games.

The music was deafening!

I also noticed grown men sitting at a mini bar around a corner, just by the kitchen.

The house was massive, tastefully decorated with amazing leather furniture, lighting effects and state of the art electronics.

The walls had little gadgets for recognising voice…

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The great Escape! by Victor Akunna

They never attended parents-teachers meeting.

They never came to watch my games nor poem citations.

They were never emotionally present when we ‘spend’ time together.

There was always something more important- a phone call, Facebook, a meeting, a friend, fellowship etc.

Everything else made their To-do list but me.

I got the leftovers and even the leftovers were seasoned with emotional outbursts.

I tried several times…

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Communication and Friendship – Chidi & Victor Akunna

One of the things we have observed in marriage is that it matters who you spend time with. Couples often learn and adopt each other’s habits and world views, sometimes unconsciously. Although, there are no perfect marriages, we can always learn something if we are open minded.

One of the habits we both adopted from some of the marriages around us,…

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IntimacyCode: Getting him/her to open up! by Chidi and Victor AKunna

Consistent Honour: This is a continuation of the series on “how do I get my man to open up?”. We have considered confidentiality and competence, we would be taking it further today by considering consistency in respect.


There is what people call the law of ‘see finish’ in relationship. This is what Jesus referred to when he said that “a prophet…

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Unexpected Divorce: Why Some People Abandon Their Marriage By Chidi Akunna

It had been a long week for Fred and he was looking forward to chilling out with his wife and their two children over the weekend. He got home to a quiet house, his wife had taken the children swimming. He looked on the side table, where his wife would normally leave the letters and parcels that came through the…

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