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emotional healing

You are better than that! – By Chidi Akunna

You are better than that! 

There are experiences we go through that leave us with so much pain, but we must move beyond the pain. Few years ago, I went through so much that at a point, I began to ask myself, what else can ruffle me beyond this? I felt I had had enough challenges in such a short time;…

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The great Escape! by Victor Akunna

They never attended parents-teachers meeting.

They never came to watch my games nor poem citations.

They were never emotionally present when we ‘spend’ time together.

There was always something more important- a phone call, Facebook, a meeting, a friend, fellowship etc.

Everything else made their To-do list but me.

I got the leftovers and even the leftovers were seasoned with emotional outbursts.

I tried several times…

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Countdown to VALENTINE: Make your spouse’s happiness your mission – Chidi & Victor Akunna

As we walked through the mall on Valentine’s day 2016, we were amazed at the throng of people trying to buy different gifts for their loved ones. It is that time of the year when the media, restaurants, shopping malls, resort centres, etc., come together to send messages of love.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it is important to…

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Inner Peace

A lot of messages on forgiveness are often on how to forgive other people. We sometimes focus more on working out our relationships with our spouses, children, parents, siblings and colleagues, but ourselves.

Don’t spend so much time worrying about what your friend or neighbour thinks of you, without correcting the wrong thoughts you hold of yourself.

Have you lost a chance…

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This Baby Palaver!

At about 3:25am on a Monday morning, my phone rang, I was too tired to take the call as I retired very late, but the caller persisted. After many rings, I picked up and the following conversation ensued:

“Hi Chidi”
“Hello dear, how are you?”
“I just lost my baby”

Deafening silence

“Hi, I’m here”

I was shocked and confused at the same time as I…

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