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Keep Your Family Safe! – Chidi & Victor Akunna

Sometime ago, we wrote an article on online safety titled, “Who can see your profile?” As family life coaches, we take issues like this seriously because many families have unknowingly exposed themselves to predators.

A certain couple used to post different activities happening in their personal lives; baby christening, purchase of a new car, new house, or any toy they felt…

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Deliberate Parenting! – Chidi Akunna

I was privileged to be in the midst of a group of 25 adolescents. The short time I spent with them left me so shaken, with many questions on my mind. When asked what category they fall under, 5 of them affirmed to be theists (3 among the 5 said they are Christians, 1 a Sikh and 1 a Muslim),…

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Our Romance Story – By Adetunji and Megan Adewumi

FFA: Thank you for being willing to share your Romance Story with us. Please introduce yourselves.

Pastor Tunji is first and foremost a Pastor by vocation and a BSc (Hons) holder in Information Technology. Pastor T, as he is affectionately known, is also an established businessman in the Property Development Arena as well as a Business Solutions Developer in Southern Africa.


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The great Escape! by Victor Akunna

They never attended parents-teachers meeting.

They never came to watch my games nor poem citations.

They were never emotionally present when we ‘spend’ time together.

There was always something more important- a phone call, Facebook, a meeting, a friend, fellowship etc.

Everything else made their To-do list but me.

I got the leftovers and even the leftovers were seasoned with emotional outbursts.

I tried several times…

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Why Happy Couples Snap -By Chidi Akunna

Some weeks ago, I wrote the quote below on one of the platforms my husband and I anchor and I was challenged to provide suggestions on how to detox.

“Detox your system of stress. Stressed couples rarely find time to be romantic, they are often busy with immediate and urgent needs and may push aside important things, like their marriage, to…

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