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Wedding planning

Family Success: Getting Ready For 2016

TIP 1: Family Success: Getting Ready For 2016

New Year is often viewed with mixed emotions. Some people look forward to it with excitement and anticipation, while others don’t. This was my experience many years ago. Every end of the year was a time to moan and groan about the state of my life. Hence for me, celebration was often out…

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Giving Thanks Together By Susie Larson

He sorted through the mail, pressed the latest bill on the table and looked at me with compassion in his eyes. My husband, Kevin, knew full well that our medical debt stirred up huge amounts of anxiety within me.

“We’ll get through this,” he assured me.

I wasn’t so sure.

What happened to us? How did we get here? And how would we…

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Wedding Plan Checklist by Your Wedding Magazine

Planning a Wedding is simply getting organised. Our 12 month printable Wedding plan checklist which will help turn your dream into a reality!

12 Months or More Before the Wedding

Announce your engagement
Choose your engagement ring
Determine the style and theme of your wedding whether this be (formal, semi-formal,informal)
Make a list of what is important to you for a wedding this will help…

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