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The ‘Typewriter’ Mindset

The ‘Typewriter’ Mindset

Travelling around the tropical and temperate regions of the world, I have come to experience different seasons… Wet and Dry, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. Life is in seasons! This implies that your life as you know it will change. It is constantly in motion, it never stops. Each season demands specific attitudes, presents a new set of challenges and opportunities which must be harnessed if we are to turn out well. I have seen organisations and people miss important opportunities because they failed to take advantage of them. This is why procrastinating or waiting for ‘perfect timing’ is a wrong approach to achieving anything worthwhile.

One of the places couples must harness the power of seasons is often in their finances. We all must learn to manage the periods of surplus effectively, so that when a new season shows up, we won’t be left in the cold. The good old days must be harnessed effectively. Do you confuse your needs with your wants and vice versa? Do you seek advice from seasoned professionals? Do you invest in liabilities – things that do not replenish your income? Do you expand your sources of income? Do you grow your skill set to replace obsolete ones? The Typewriter was good, but the Tablet is better; change is inevitable. Don’t squander the FUTURE!

THINK & ACT: Work together as a team, synergise to create the future you want.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
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Connected Hearts Daily Devotional (C) 2016
Financial Progress Series 038
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…enjoy blissful romance.

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