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You Are Fired?

You Are Fired?

The volatility of the employment industry has left many paranoid, going to work for some has never been a positive experience because they are unsure of what awaits them from the HR department. This is apparently not a way I will recommend anyone to live daily. I have seen families collapse, with the children distributed to different relatives because the breadwinner lost his/her job – never a great sight. This is why I recommend that employees build capacity. There are people in organisations that are ‘untouchable’, these individuals are indispensable, they bring value that is many times more than what it costs their company to keep them. They deliver on the job so much that they occupy a prime position on recruitment agencies headhunt list.

Talking about being indispensable, this goes beyond just showing up at work to clock in, rather it’s about generating capital. Research shows that employees who are able to help their companies cut cost, expand their market share, retain their customers, bring high value relationships,… are rare, hence high in demand. More so, even when they lose their jobs, because they have mastered the act of generating capital, they are able to put new deals together with their network and resources. The source of their success is within, and like the Chinese proverb, “knowledge is portable”, you can carry it around the world!

Have you mastered the act of generating capital? What would happen to your family if you lost your job this month or if your company shuts down?

THINK & ACT: Choose friends and mentors who will teach you how to generate capital, this ability will change your life permanently.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
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…enjoy blissful romance.

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