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The great Escape! by Victor Akunna

They never attended parents-teachers meeting.

They never came to watch my games nor poem citations.

They were never emotionally present when we ‘spend’ time together.

There was always something more important- a phone call, Facebook, a meeting, a friend, fellowship etc.

Everything else made their To-do list but me.

I got the leftovers and even the leftovers were seasoned with emotional outbursts.

I tried several times…

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Valentine Series – Valentine is Overrated!

“I think Valentine is overrated. I often feel uncomfortable, close to the time, because my wife always expects me to get her something special. That would have been OK if she did not expect it to be expensive. She always compares what I get her with what her friend’s husband gets her and ends up nagging me about getting her…

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Countdown to VALENTINE: Make your spouse’s happiness your mission – Chidi & Victor Akunna

As we walked through the mall on Valentine’s day 2016, we were amazed at the throng of people trying to buy different gifts for their loved ones. It is that time of the year when the media, restaurants, shopping malls, resort centres, etc., come together to send messages of love.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it is important to…

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Our Romance Story – By Lanre and Olusola Ogundare

“Welcome to Our Romance Story”

FFA: Please introduce yourselves.

My name is Lanre Ogundare and my wife is Olusola Ogundare. We are both from the South Western Part of Nigeria.

Lanre: I am a Business Administration graduate with interest in Operational Management and Efficiency. I currently head the Digital Banking Services of a Commercial bank in Lagos,Nigeria.

Olusola: I hold a Masters Degree in…

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IntimacyCode: Getting him/her to open up! by Chidi and Victor AKunna

Consistent Honour: This is a continuation of the series on “how do I get my man to open up?”. We have considered confidentiality and competence, we would be taking it further today by considering consistency in respect.


There is what people call the law of ‘see finish’ in relationship. This is what Jesus referred to when he said that “a prophet…

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