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How Do You Avoid Family Heartache?

How Do You Avoid Family Heartache?

One of the first lessons I learnt in leadership is the importance of buy-in. People don’t support your project, cause or company unless they first buy-into you. This principle also applies in sales, customers must connect and trust you before they buy from you, unless of course you enjoy monopolistic privileges. Bringing this principle to this series on family name, as a father or mother, your family looks up to you to set the pace and direction for the family. Hence, they must buy-into you and this explains how family culture and behaviour are built over time.

Talking about building a strong family name, it is expedient that we engage with every member of the family. The fact is that every stakeholder needs to have a sense of belonging to participate. Why is this important? Some may say, “we are talking about hustling and making ends meet and you are talking about building a family name”. The reality is that without a shared vision, people run wild. I have seen parents who work hard, sweating everyday to provide for their children, only to lose them to drugs, gangs, teenage pregnancy and marriage, causing unnecessary family heartache.

Engage with your family, early, to build and model your family identity, it would be worth your while in the long run. “The best time to build a tree was 20years ago, the second best time is now”- Chinese proverb.

THINK & ACT: Questions to ask – Who are we now? What are we known for and what do we want to be known for in the next 5 years? How do we want to get there? What contribution will everyone have to make? Etc.


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  • Nelo Reply

    Chidi and Victor! God bless you many times over. I can’t say all you have done for my family and some other families I know. You do not even know the extent of your reach, but keep at it please. If you ever think of stopping, think of my family and keep going. You shall definitely be rewarded! You are constantly in our prayers.

    March 31, 2016 at 11:25 am
    • ffablog Reply

      Wow! This is so humbling and encouraging. Thank you so much.

      March 31, 2016 at 11:37 am

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