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One of the greatest limitations to life is labelling. Someone may ask, “what do you mean”? By labelling, we mean a mental categorisation and definition of a product, a relationship, an experience, etc. It’s like forming an impression about a thing. This often sets the bar for what we expect and anything outside or beyond this categorisation would be a surprise. For instance, when a woman labels her husband ‘stingy’, it sets the bar in her mind as regards how she expects him to handle the issue of money with her. Occasionally, it may be challenged, but the impression is still there, sometimes, at the subconscious level. Now, it is important to point out that these impressions are often formed from past behaviours of the person or product being observed. Other times, people make these categorisations a posteriori from their past experiences with others. This is often carefully packaged like a best-selling book with an imaginary “New York Times Bestseller” in prejudiced comments like “all men are….”, “all women are …..” Fill in the gaps, etc.

Now, you may ask, “where are you going with this?”. From experience, we have seen that people miss out on the best of God because he has been labelled a religious being that is wicked and intolerant, with an archaic legal code. Hence, anytime His name is mentioned, people often mentally log off because they have come to anticipate a long sermon, seasoned with disconnected anecdotes and examples that cannot even mentally stimulate a five-year old. He has been labelled, hence talking about building an intimate relationship with Him is like asking for the Sun to rise in the West.

However, we forget that He is the most intelligent mind, the creator of wisdom and intelligence. 10 minutes in His presence can resolve a generational issue that has nearly wiped out your life savings. Dating God regularly has raised kings, celebrities, investors, business tycoons, blissful and romantic homes. His resources are limitless and inexhaustible, His perspective to life is 360plus.

THINK & ACT: Set out time to date God, choose a specific time and place and gradually build rapport and interaction; it would be the greatest life-changing step ever. We can tell you this from our personal experiences.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
Relationship Catalysts
Connected Hearts Daily Devotional (C) 2016
360 Dating Series 037
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Twitter: @FamilyAffairs05
…enjoy blissful romance.

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