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Emptying the ‘Pain-bag’ -Cynthia’s Story

Emptying the ‘Pain-bag’ -Cynthia’s Story

I met my husband while working at my former place of work, he was so polite and nice and many of my single colleagues used to talk about him whenever we get together to analyse the potential bachelors in our company. At the time, I never knew he was also interested in me and was looking for an opportunity to strike a conversation in order to get to know me. His chance eventually came when we were pulled from our departments and placed on the same project team along with other colleagues to plan and execute a product launch. Working together helped me see some of his work ethics and gave him the room to associate with me closely. We grew closer over a period of time and eventually got married.

Getting married was a different ball game, providing a huge learning experience, particularly for me because I was raised by a single parent, so rarely had the opportunity of seeing my parents ‘do’ marriage. One thing I had to learn was how to forgive quickly and completely. I was Shocked to discover how I began to resent the man I once called the man of my dreams, every discussion resulted in an argument which was never resolved. At this point, we had to get some counselling, this was when we learnt about the ‘Pain-bag’; that imaginary bag where we store every pain and hurt we experience from our spouses. Its content ruins homes, poisons the atmosphere, gives justification for vengeance, isolation and growing apart. We both made up our minds to bring our marriage back on track by using the new set of tools we have acquired.

THINK & ACT: Empty the Pain-bag as often as possible by being proactive about nurturing your marital romance.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
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…enjoy blissful romance.

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