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Her Friends Get Better Treatment Than Her Husband!

Her Friends Get Better Treatment Than Her Husband!

Have you ever felt irrelevant in your relationship? Have you ever felt dispensable in the lives of your children? Are you completely dependent on someone else? One of the most terrible positions to be in as an adult is a state of absolute dependency on someone else, particularly for your survival needs. It takes away your power, can erode self-esteem, putting you at the mercy of their mood or goodwill. They can sometimes take the number one spot reserved only for God. Everyone should plan a way out of dependency.

This brings us to our topic for today, service! Service is one word that means different things, but for the purpose of this devotional, we are defining it as the act of adding value to someone else. When you do something that enhances another person’s life, help them live better, meet a need, achieve their goals, overcome an obstacle, honour them, strengthen their self-esteem, etc., you are rendering a service. This is an act of love and considering that love (charity) begins at home, we should begin this at home. Your spouse and family should be the first benefactors of your service, proximity provides unparalleled opportunity for effective impact.

When was the last time you went out of your way to serve your spouse? As a man, do you help out with shopping, cleaning, babysitting, etc or do you live in another planet, running your own schedule? As a woman, do your friends get better service than your husband? As a single person, are you looking for someone that will meet all your needs, without evaluating the value you will bring into the relationship?

THINK & ACT: Take a good look at your spouse and consider areas that you can help to reduce his/her burden (whatever is stressing him/her).

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