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How did he get to know about me?

How did he get to know about me?


Yesterday, at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I was at a social learning space in a university when I stumbled on a receipt someone dropped on a table. I looked at the receipt and I was amazed at the details on it. For instance, the name of the store, the address, their phone number, the product that was purchased (depicting the taste of the consumer), number of items, the name of the cashier, the time of the purchase, the receipt number, etc.. Little wonder, the law enforcement agent pick up every clue at a crime scene.

What do you communicate?

Have you ever met people who share their whole life with you within the first few minutes of meeting you? They tell you about their husbands, children, neighbours, colleagues, their colleagues’ families, dogs, etc., and they don’t even know you yet. It is a burden being friends with these kind of people because whatever they know about you will be in the public domain. Sometimes, they do this innocently or out of their personal desire to be relevant or needed.

What do you communicate?

So many people have lost their loved ones or have been robbed of their belongings, just because they disclosed private information to people who took advantage of them. Someone said that school teachers can know what happens in your home by interviewing your children.

We are not against communicating with loved ones, we are only asking that we do it with wisdom.

ACTION POINT: Be selective about the information you put out there, don’t expose your loved ones to danger.

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