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Girls’ Time Out: What makes you feel secure?

Girls’ Time Out: What makes you feel secure?

Gemma: This is an important question because security is a big thing for me. I really don’t understand it when men stop ‘chasing’ their wives after they marry them. Personally, it triggers a feeling of being abandoned and forgotten. I like it when my husband makes real sacrifices by committing to the love we share. I want to know that my husband will still be there when it is difficult to love me, when my emotions influence my actions. Oh, how I wish men would understand what it feels like to know they will be there come rain, come shine!

Ruby: For me, money is my thing. Anytime we are running out of money, I get scared and paranoid. I still don’t fully understand it; may be it was my experience as a young girl, seeing the lawyer give my parents quit notice at different times, when they could not pay the rent. This drove me into business to support my family. Hence, when my husband expands his earning ability, makes wise investment decisions to secure our financial future, I experience a boost.

Betty: Hmmm, like they say, different strokes for different folks. I feel secure when I know that I am the only one in my husband’s heart, that he thinks about me all day long. For instance, anytime his text drops in during his meetings or he calls at lunch time, I feel special. Well, may be I am the jealous type, but I don’t think any woman would want to share her hubby with anyone else. In fact, we agreed that his work stays at work, our home is our haven.

Chidi: A secure woman glows. However, I think that as women, we must work at anchoring our emotions to God’s word for us. Join us tomorrow as we take this further.

ACTION POINT: Find out what makes your wife feel secure.

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