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Love VS Rejection

Love VS Rejection

Falling in love is a gradual process. Well, some people claim they have experienced love at first sight, but the question is, how do you love someone you know nothing about? To love is to know. However, there is attraction at first sight, infatuation at first sight… We will talk about this some other time, but you can send your questions, if you need any clarification.

Back to our topic, when love goes sour, the experience can be overwhelming, distracting and painful. That is when you see couples who were once love-birds become sworn enemies, with each party looking for an opportunity to use the meanest comment they invented during the course of the day. What do we do then? We will consider another tip today.

TIP 2: Continue the sacrifice. The ideal thing people do when love goes sour is to shut and turn their heart away from each other. This is a self-protective move against hurt, rejection and the unexpected. However, if the marriage is priority, we must keep connecting. Burning ‘bridges’ may ‘protect us’, but it never leaves the relationship the same. The more we disconnect from our spouses, the more our relationships and marriage will be starved! Sometimes, this is the source of break-ups and divorce.

Why is this wrong? “The truth is that every relationship is like a living organism, how we nurture it determines how it grows” – Victor Akunna. If you accept this, you will realise that an-eye-for-an-eye approach only makes matters worse, driving couples towards the North Pole of ‘irreconcilable differences’; a no man’s land, littered with broken dreams of true love and acceptance. This doesn’t have to be your marriage.

Love and sacrifice are weapons that have been proven to quench hate. Hate and animosity are burdens that destroy the carriers. It’s like drinking a poisonous substance and expecting your enemy to die. Join our Romance Masterclass, let’s work together to get you the marriage of your dreams.


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