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Minimising Marital Conflict!

Minimising Marital Conflict!

Yesterday, we talked about the importance of having a ‘Romance Development Plan’, we shall take it further today. After agreeing on the next step to take, it is important to set up a support system that helps you stay on course, until you achieve your marital goals. We would like to give two couples an opportunity to share how they go about achieving this.

Sam & Rita: We have a couple we submit to, they hold us accountable. We often try to meet at least once a month to review a book and talk about our Romance Journey. Most times, it is unstructured, it is often a platform that provides us an opportunity to be ourselves and interact on a deep and intimate level.

Bob & Sandra: Wow! That’s quite interesting. We do not have such relationship with any couple yet, but we leverage on unique tools, such as Vision Board and weekly date-nights where we discuss our progress, holding ourselves accountable to high standards, while setting another target for the coming week. The key, for us, is ensuring that our weekly goals align with our values and beliefs and our overall direction for the year.

Victor: Thanks for sharing those tips with us. Being proactive about your marital romance helps you stay connected and eventually, minimises unnecessary conflict.

THINK & ACT: Find what works for you and get to work.

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