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Much Ado about Women!

Much Ado about Women!

phpGp779sPMLooking closely at different cultures around the world, it is obvious that the female gender is one of the most misunderstood phenomenon. Some see women as sex objects; stumbling blocks to men’s destiny; rebels that must be tamed; or lesser beings with limited human rights. A good example can be seen in some nations where women cannot even own or drive a car. This leaves us with the question who is a woman?

According to Praise Fowowe, a family life expert, a “woman is a visible image & character of the invisible God trapped in the feminine body for the purpose of earth’s management, rulership and dominion”.

CHIDI: I have observed that your perception of a person determines how you treat and relate with that person. How do you perceive and treat your wife? Does your action reflect love, respect and worth? In matters like this, lip service is a waste of time because actions often reflect inner thoughts.

VICTOR: It is amazing how some men batter the self-esteem of their wives and are shocked that, in the days of adversity, these women are unable to rise up with confidence to tackle basic issues. In life, output responds to input.

If you must successfully navigate your family through these changing times, you must be ready to change your paradigms about women.

ACTION PLAN: What opportunities are you denying your wife because of your ego and fears? One the goals of marriage is to nurture and support each other until you both reach your peak performance.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
Relationship Catalysts
From Connected Hearts Daily Devotional (C) 2015

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