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‘Workaholism’ A Marital Cheat!

‘Workaholism’ A Marital Cheat!

We started a series yesterday about the subtle messages being projected by Hollywood movies and how we can learn from them. Today, we shall be looking at workaholism.

When you become a celebrity, it’s like being promoted. This often puts a higher demand on your time, hence more people, companies and sometimes, nations would want to meet with you for various reasons. In other words, being a true celebrity often elevates an individual to a higher platform where he/she will be able to access more opportunities and more opportunities will be able to ‘see’ them. Consider a musician whose song went from being played on a community radio station to making it to the top ten global chart.

This implies that to be more efficient and effective he/she must learn to prioritise to get more done. However, in the bid to meet various deadlines and get more done, some people begin to invest less time in their marriage and families. Homework, birthdays, romantic dinners and anniversaries are often missed because of tight schedules. Harvey Mackay asserts, “dig your well before you are thirsty”. Build a strong marital romance and family bond before the change. We know a very successful minister of the Gospel who has made it a core value to travel with her whole family for her ministrations. Success will always test your values and beliefs; the core of who you are.

Is your family ready for the breakthrough you are praying for? Are you practising work/life balance? How will your family survive your long and frequent trips?

ACTION POINT: A wise person will learn from the mistakes of others. Put a plan in place today to strengthen your relationship and marital romance.

Chidi & Victor Akunna
Relationship Catalysts
Connected Hearts Daily Devotional 2.0 (C) 2015
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